Friday, 2 July 2010

Grace Darling - alternative titles

Here are some different titles for the story. Which ones are good, which ones are not good? Can you say why?
  • Grace & William Darling: It is not good because it is utterly boring.
  • The Angel from the Lighthouse: This title is very catchy because Grace Darling is really like an angel.
  • The Captain who didn't go back: The main story isn't about the captain (of the Forfarshire).
The end of the Forfarshire: I think it is great because it tells us what the story is about.
  • Heroine: I think that it is good because Grace is an heroine.
  • Shipwreck: I think it is fine because it is short but it tells us about the story.
  • A stormy night: It is not so good because it is really boring.
  • Harker's Rock: It is not about Harker's Rock.
I really liked it because the story was exciting. I want to be strong and brave like Grace.

Toshiya (12)

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