Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Japan & England are out of the World Cup

How old are you guys?
I am12 years old and my older brother is 13.
You are both a bit sleepy today. How come?
Because we stayed up until 2 to watch a football game.
Shocking news! Who was playing?
In the match, Japan and Paraguay were playing.
Was it an important match then?
Yes, it was because it decided if we can go through to the quarter final.
What happened in the match?
The game ended 0-0. Japan lost in the penalty shoot out.
Was the penalty shoot out fun? Were you nervous?
I wasn't nervous because I trusted Japan.
How did you feel after that? Are you proud of your team?
I was 50 percent proud and 50 percent not proud.
Would you feel the same if you were English, after 'we' got thrashed by the Germans?
I would feel really disappointed and I would think they could do better.
Better luck next time? See you in 2014?
Yes, definitely.
Thanks fellas!

I can't tell you the names of these football-mad lads because they'll get into trouble at school for staying up late. How sad is that?! Good on them, if you ask me! Crunch games in the World Cup don't come along every night of the week, and something you remember for a lifetime.
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