Sunday, 13 June 2010

I hate Maradona - surprise?

 Word association game with Maradona - inspired by his news conference yesterday asking for Fair Play at the FIFA World Cup.

Arrange the following words into two groups - one positive ("Group A") & one negative ("Group B")
    A photograph of Peter Shilton taken by Nichola...
  •  cheat
  • drug pusher
  • fellon
  • unsportsmanlike
  • hypocrite
  • Cruella de Ville lookalike
  • left-footed
  • short-arsed
  • misogynist 
  • Peter Shilton
For those of you who need a hint, there is only one answer for Group A (Peter Shilton is the one you wanted)

Favourite memory from the World Cup in 2002 was the "Maradona, Maradona, what's the weather like at home?" chant after Beckham's penalty put them out in Sapporo. Japan wouldn't let him in the country for drug offences.

Who was England's best ever goalie? For me, always Shilts.
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