Saturday, 26 June 2010

"BLOOD DIAMONDS" Which actors do you want?

I read "Blood diamonds" last month.

Everybody say Blood diamonds that it exchanged for the gun.

It is the injustice buying and selling.

This is a story that the journalists in London solve investigating Blood diamonds at the end.

If I am making a film of Blood Diamonds, I think that this actors are good.

Heros journalist: Kirkpatrick: Matt Damon

Because he is good actor. I like him.

He portrays football player in "INVICTUS"

Heroines journalist: Shepherd: Scarlet Johansson

Because she is beautiful. That heroine must lovely.

Owner of a jewellery shop : Sophie Lafon : Eva Longoria

Do you know Desperate Housewives?

She is one of the heroines of this TV program. Gabrielle is her.

She looks mean, and beautiful. She suits the diamond.

A businessman: Van Delft : Sam Worthington

This choice was most difficult.

I think he looks mysterious, because he is Avatar.

Please read the book, and tell me your choice.

How about you?

Oh, It was forgotten to write the name.

By Kazuko M