Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Budding Botanists

The girls were very brave today, playing with our "Bugs" puzzle. It's got some truely grizzly beasties in the pack and in pretty extreme close-up!

There's a stick insect about six inches long; a great fat spider with hairy legs; a wasp with his stinger and a bee with loads of pollen. And those are the nicer ones!

Naturally, the budding botanists that we are, a spot of field work was in order. The girls still wanted to find some bigger game in the river, but we couldn't see any elephant or hippo tracks, nor even see any ducks in our dwindling river. Bugs though we did find, but collecting lots of different coloured flowers became the preferred option!

Hina got upset when she lost her purple button-hole, but we had a spare one so tantrum averted! We wonder what else we are going to find in the riverbed this summer...
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