Sunday, 6 June 2010

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

This is our third week in the terrible desert of Lop and every day our journey becomes more and more difficult. Strong winds bring sand across the narrow road in front of us and sometimes it is impossible to see our route.
We're part of a huge caravan with hundreds of camels. At night the other merchants talk about strange voices that call traveller's names. And these men tell stories about people who follow the voices and die all alone in the desert.
I have journeyed across many deserts but this is surely the most dangerous.

I'm in Kinsai at last! I've heard so many wonderful things about this place. When I arrived I immediately thought of home because Kinsai is a city on the water just like Venice. And there are thousands of bridges everywhere - some of these are very high and the big Arab and Persian ships go under them to get into the city.
The people are always busy here. There are twelve different groups of workers, each with their own part of the city and they make wonderful goods like valuable plates or silk cloth.
I need to leave tomorrow but I want to come back here soon.


We have enjoyed last week. Thank you. I would like to have a drink party again.
Before the party, I will have business trip to Germany next week. i will enjoy next week.