Thursday, 17 June 2010

Night at the Museum

Larry Daley is a divorced father who is unable to keep a stable job. He is also desperate to win the support of his son Nick. Larry goes to a job agency and is sent to the American Museum of Natural History, where he is hired as a night guard. The three elder night guards give him a quick tour

and warn him not to let anything "in or out".
Once night comes, Larry discovers that the museum exhibits come to life, including a living Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, a mischievous capuchin monkey, miniatures led by a cowboy, an Easter Island head and a wax model of Theodore Roosevelt.
Roosevelt explains to Larry that an Egyptian artifact, the Tablet of Akhmenra, was brought to the museum in 1952, and from that night, everything in the museum has come to life!

Yuki Tsugakoshi