Monday, 14 June 2010

Exploiting OUP Story Tree

My ever cheerful girls tonight got their teeth into "A New House".

Reading along & listening is one way to go, of course, but that is what they're supposed to do at home!

To get them paying a bit more attention & get more involved (and developing the skill of looking ahead a bit), I gave them each a character or two to 'speak for' - the green series introduces direct speech. I narrated, and waited for them to prompt each other to chirp up when it was 'their turn'.

This worked very nicely, as they were telling each other how to "know" when to speak; ever best the students teach each other!

Once we had warmed up, they were challenged to add people & things to the removal van - but with books outside the room if they wanted to check. They are far too cooperative to compete, but the idea is to make this a race. Book duly milked!