Saturday, 5 June 2010

White Fang

This book is about a wolf's life story. His name is White Fang. He seemed to be strong, as his name suggests. He had a stormy life.

I liked the start of the story. When White Fang was a baby, he had a happy life. However, he had undertaken various trials while growing up. One day, White Fang was looked after by an Indian. The wolf and the man became friendly gradually. But he was not on good terms with other dogs. They always had fights. Whenever he had a fight, he got stronger.

A white man wanted to get White Fang. But he was bad. So I feel sorry for White Fang. The bad man made him fight with strong dogs every time. One day, White Fang fought with a very strong dog called Cherokee. White Fang was already weakened and nearly died. But a man that watched the fight saved him. His name was Scott. Scott bought White Fang from the bad man and tried to be friendly with White Fang.

At first, White Fang was cautious. But Scott and his family were fond of him. He thought they were good and took to them slowly. One day, Scott's house was broken into. White Fang noticed at once and he stopped the robbery. He saved Scott's house. This thing showed he was a member of Scott's family and White Fang was very happy.


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jim said...


That's a really good account of the story - you are using some really good grammar & vocabulary girl!

I am looking forward to teaching you again, but sorry you are losing Magnus as your teacher.