Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A Morbid Taste for Bones

This book was a very interesting. First, Cadfael has attractive character. He is a monk, but he is different from other monks, because he has a lot of experiment, he is now in fifties. When he was young, he used to be a sea captain, working for the King of Jerusalem. He also has a lot of knowledge about medicines that helps him to search for clues about murder incident. I think he is different from another famous detectives such as Sherlock Holms, Kindaichi, or Konan.

Q. What kind of person makes a good detective? Look at this list and give Cadfael a mark out of 10 for each one.

I think there three things are important for good detectives.

First, understanding people is important, because a kind of incidents such as murder needs someone's strong motivation. So if detectives can understand the relationship between people and find out the motivation about the incidents, the detective can solve the mystery.

Second, noticing small details is necessary for detectives. This skill sometimes should be key to solve mysteries. Detectives have to search expression of faces from a lot of people.

Finally, intelligent is base for detectives. Cadfael has a lot of knowledge of herbs and medicine. Actually, this knowledge helps him to solve the incident. I don't know detectives who don't have this ability.

After all, I though these skills and abilities were also needed for engineers like me, because we should understand our team members, notice small details when we do experiments and we should study hard for our specialities.

Masao Kuroda

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