Monday, 28 June 2010

What did Sammy (rock star) do after school?

posted on behalf of Yumi

I’m an only child my parents were in a famous rock group

When we were young. I hated school and didn’t study hard.

I only wanted to play music and have fun. At 18 I left school

and joined a rock group.

Soon I got married because my girlfriend got pregnant.

But I was fool with another woman. We got a divorce

from her soon. In those days, my parents got a divorce

too. My father made very young girlfriend. But I made

pregnant her. I started solo and got married with her.

We have two children. But she lives with another rock

singer now.

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Tana Benzon said...

Dear Yumi,
Thanks for sending this in! I'm still laughing! It sounds like a really complicated life....