Thursday, 24 June 2010

Huck Finn creative writing exercise

1. Tom's funeral
There were a lot of people gathered at the church. It was the biggest gathering of the people in funeral which ever had been. Tom marched in the middle of the people in the church. People all gazed at Tom without a word.

2. Got Lost in the Cave
Tom and I (Becky) lost our way in the cave. The candle was burned out. Tom looked for the exit of the cave leaving me alone. He used a kite thread from me. We felt dead. But at last he found the way to get out of the cave after three days. We were saved from the cave.

3. What did they do with the money?

Tom and Huck found a lot of money in the cave. They saved the money in the bank. Half of the money was for Tom and the other half was for Huck. They became very rich.

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