Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Our next Governor - Jim interviews Takeshi Matsumoto

Our school blog is not the place for a political debate, nor a place for politicians to get up on their soapboxes. However, I think it is very important that we in the international community get involved as much as we can with events and issues locally. Unfortunately, we are not able to vote.That is something that really annoys me personally, having lived here for 20 years or so and been a good boy most of the time...I certainly pay my taxes and sometimes even clean up the neighbourhood at 6am on a Sunday morning.

Anyway, main point here is that I was able to have an hour of Takeshi Matsumoto's time last week. He is standing in the forthcoming election to become the next Governor of Nagano prefecture. He has a good chance of winning, too. He won't admit that but there is a buzz around his campaign and from people who have a 'nose' for these things. I thought it would be a fairly unique opportunity to hear what the man has to say in a non-political environment (we met at Luna over a cup of tea) about his background and his ideas for the future, should he be elected.

Please read a synopsis of the interview and my own opinions at our Podbean site, which hosts our podcasts. You will also be able to listen to the whole interview - unedited and unscripted - or download it if you prefer. It is very important to realise that Mr. Matsumoto was very able to manage this discussion in English, which is impressive itself. Please have a listen to the interview and leave "comments" either below here, or at Podbean. Why not subscribe to the podcast, so you won't miss future exciting installments? Feel free to contact Takeshi Matsumoto yourself with your reactions.

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