Thursday, 10 June 2010

Pre-school listening exercise

When is a listening exercise genuine?!

Our pre-schoolies "know" Old MacDonald's Farm inside out. Like they know lots and lots of other songs! That doesn't mean they can't do something 'new' with the same song - and still have a whale of a time!

We started hands held, listening to Super Simple Learning's version - I like the question part for each animal noise btw - pausing at the end of each verse: scamper to the table & identify which animal they heard, and colour it in (asking them to suggest a colour).

Our theme this month is animals, and reading about animals in Africa guessing which ones made certain tracks - target = "It might be..."

Like, it might be the year three lions win the world cup...?

No - seriously. This was a really cool way to exploit an 'old' resource' - and start to 'hurry up' colouring ( we can do that now already!). Starting to multi-task our little learners :)

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