Friday, 11 June 2010

Who is in the pond?

While we were watering our bionic plants on the balcony this morning in pre-school, and chain of toddling 'hoikuen' kids made their way up the riverside. Our girls wanted to join in - so we did what we wanted to do this morning - our giant floor puzzle, a new matching game taking turns nicely - and had a picnic in front of school on the grass for lunch.

Ant invasion! It was funny to see spillage being reclaimed and carried through the grass and over our feet back to their nest! We could almost here them saying "Thank you for lunch!" They were quite big, and tickled when they walked on us!

It was a bit too hot, so cooling down in front of the fan was essential - and we read how other animals keep cool in a pond or by rolling around in the mud. We made our own pond, and were careful not to dangle our toes in it - bit dangerous! Soon enough, after we read the book together (podcast available tomorrow afternoon) we dived in to find an alligator with sharp teeth, a rhino, a hippo and a pair of baboons grooming each other!

Goodness me, a wildlife pond right here in the middle of Luna. And "Who was in the Pond?"....we were :)
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