Thursday, 24 June 2010

Your predictions

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Here is some analysis of your expert predictions for the Football World Cup in South Africa - thank you for all your clicks!
  • Group A: An amazing 45% thought France would win this group. They came bottom and only just managed to score a goal near the end. Typically ungracious guests, spoiling the host's party. They do win best comedy act of the world cup though, and made England look good by comparison.
  • Group B: 60% of you chose Argentina, who have some brilliant players but an insane manager (see previous posts about him). Are they fragile at the back?
  • group C: 0% selected USA, who fully deserved to go through, and should have won their game with Serbia except for inexplicable reffing. England? My observant 10 year old student explained "They're crap". Kid will go far!
  • Group D: Depressingly, 75% called Germany to win. What a surprise, we (England) get to put them in their place in the next round. 12 years ago I was doing shots of Jameson's (Irish whiskey) through the penalty shoot out with Sean. Ghana is not a chocolate bar.
  • Group E: Only 47% said Holland. Maybe the other 53% wanted The Netherlands? Will Japan meet 31% expectations tonight (and beat the England did in Niigata in 2002)? I think so.  Good joke I heard today: "If Japan had a Prius up front instead of a Honda, would they be unstoppable?" Gambarre Nippon.
  • Group F: 83% said Italy. They're rubbish! I'd love to see the Kiwi's get into the next round but Paraguay are too good.
  • Group G: Only 61% thought Brazil would clean up in this group? Any change of heart? They're looking strong.
  • Group H: The Swiss probably gave the Spaniards the wake up call they needed. 89% of you figured they'd make the last 16 as winners of this group. Chile should join them (one of my dark horses).
Next challenge is to predict who will fill the semi-final berths, to be played on July 2nd.

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