Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Cardboard Box 2

We had to say a sad goodbye to Magnus on Saturday. He has been teaching for us for the last 18 months and students thoroughly enjoy his calm, organised and sincere style. We have been very happy with the work he has done for us; reliable, flexible and good at his job. It is extremely unfair that he is losing his classes because we can't afford to pay him, because GEOS went bust & owes us a small fortune. Economic collateral damage 101.

I have a lot of respect for the way Magnus reacted to this bad news; it is an awful feeling to loose a job/livelihood. Understanding my position is one thing, taking it on the chin and still being concerned about his students & fulfilling his remaining responsibilities is the mark of a decent man.

On behalf of Yuki, Tana & Naomi I'd like to say thank you Magnus. Our pre-school kids and Saturday troupe will miss you; I sincerely hope we'll be in a position to ask you to come back sooner rather than later. Some days, I really don't like my job.
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