Tuesday, 15 June 2010

FCE - done & dusted (again)

A certain case of deja-vu today. Second session of First Certificate; today it is Tokyo.

We'd barely started when I could vaguely hear the nutters (left-wing or right-wing?) with their loudspeakers berating the Prime Minister's residence (is Mr. Kan "in" today?) as is their wont. They didn't come too much closer to disturb the candidates, but annoyed me because, if I drove around in a van doing that I am sure I'd be arrested & deported pdq, don't you? I do think it is odd that they are not prevented from such an enormous disturbance of the peace when local laws are utterly anal about when & where to put your rubbish, have your bike registered etc. Don't get it.

Anyway, the deja-vu because of the noise threat, but also that I recognised some of the candidates.  This also means they've heard all my (old) jokes ;-(  Invigilating is very boring, because you cannot do anything else except feel guilty for watching innocent candidates like a hawk. Awfully hard as a teacher to try to not pay any attention to their work or the questions!

Hope all our candidates do well today. Now the nervous wait for results.
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