Friday, 25 June 2010

Japan vs Denmark - match report (2)

Japan 3 - 1 Denmark

On Thursday 25th of June, Japan now have a chance to go to the Championship final and be in the best eighteen (sic).

The first goal was by Honda's free-kick. The ball went into the left corner of the goal. Honda's shot was not spinning and Honda looked as if he was very good at it.

The next goal was also a free-kick, but this time it was by Endo. Endo curved it into the top right corner.

After half-time, Denmark scored a goal, but Honda made an excellent pass and Japan were able to get another goal.

The match finished and Japan are now able to go to the Championship. Japan is going to play Paraguay next Thursday. If we win it, we will play Portugal or Spain. It is hard to win, butI think they will do their best and we must watch the game and see what will happen to Japan.
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