Thursday, 15 July 2010

Humotoan Katsugen - restaurant review

Karaage is one of the Japanese deep fried foodImage via Wikipedia

This traditional farmhouse was built 160 years ago and renovated as a restaurant.

Enjoy your meal in a Japanese rural warm & cosy atmosphere. You won't find pork cutlets as tasty as these anywhere in Matsumoto. The restaurant is famouse for its pork cutlets but there are plenty of other options like fried prawn, a fried chicken and a beef steak.

This comfortable restaurant is very popular not only with local people but also with tourists, so book as early as you can. The quantity of servings are bigger than you'd expect. Rice, miso soup and shreded cabbage are free to do another helping again and again. It's great value for money.

Seats: 50
Open 11:30am till 9:30pm (last order)
Free parking
7 days a week

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