Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Real McCoy and other ghost stories

I see you have just read a book about ghost stories. Which one was your favourite?
I like "Strange Messages". It`s about the ghost of an astronaut. The ghost is in the computer.
That sounds very interesting! What happened in the story?
The girl wants to be an astronaut and her dream is a secret.
How did that make her feel?
It didn't say in the book about this.
OK. So what happened? How did she discover the ghost?
One day,she got a old computer by her uncle.
What did the ghost do?
The ghost sent her a message and the ghost knew her dream. She thought the message was from her uncle, but it wasn't from him.
What did the ghost say?
Follow your dream.
Isn't that difficult to do sometimes?
But the ghost still said follow your dreams. Everyday sent a message.
Did she speak to her parents?
No she didn't, but she talked to her friend. She surprised.
Did the girl follow her dream?
Yes, she did!

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