Monday, 5 July 2010

Bubbles & Squeeks

On Friday we finally finished our papier mache masks in pre-school. We realised we needed to varnish them before adding a decorative layer of paint, and that it needed time to dry! Fortunately, it was a nice sunny day, and we got the job done fabulously!

I think these masks are fairly robust and should last for a while. Painting them on the inside was a good way to make sure they don't delaminate (the vaseline we used to prevent the paper sticking to the plasticene also stopped it sticking to itself!

In between layers, we tested out our very fancy bubble machines, and had a hoot chasing big lumbering ones, and tiny bouncy ones, up the riverbank. We also tried to land them in the river from the bridge, but they blew so far away we couldn't see where they went!

For some reason the girls decided the spare box was a bath, so we learned a new Super Simple song - about the things we do in the bath, of course! Washing our noses and toes, for example. It was very funny as they kept falling out of the bath in stitches.

Our absolute favourite new game is is "Mr. Wolf"...and the children love to be 'it' or Mr. Wolf, and decide what time to call out. This is quite tricky, as they have to hold up the right card with the number on it or the Wolf card - can't let people get to close or they win; too far away when you shout "It's time to eat you!" and it is very hard to catch anybody running away!
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