Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Our pre-school (and school in general) has been missing a wildlife section for years. Admittedly, some of our more boisterous boys might qualify on a bad day...

To the shops, finding lots of bees collecting pollen along the riverbank on the way. It was actually warmer than we thought, even though it was grey and 'cloudy, cloudy' - the "How's the weather?" song from Let's Go is very popular!

We had to find the fish first - not easy as Watahan is big, and there are lots of aisles to look up & down. Squeals as we finally did find them - in the last corner we looked - and then had to decide which ones we liked. We asked the lady for six small goldfish, and a couple of bigger, speckled ones. We hope they don't eat the smaller ones?!

We prepared a home for them - a nice 'pond' we remembered from a story two weeks ago. We put in an air tube, and some nice coloured glass, and a crocodile to keep little fingers out! Then we carefully let the fish in, and fed them a bit. They looked shy & nervous, just like us when we meet people for the first time!

Apart from our new pets, we started putting letter sounds together; some nice card puzzles make it a thinking exercise & the word kind of incidental... and even bigger chunks of language with flashcards to make sentences. We are struggling now to find flashcards with vocab the kids do not know! A super fine day in pre-school then - well done :)

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