Friday, 16 July 2010

Alphabet graffiti

Time to decorate our pre-school cardboard buildings, gluing on stars, crescents, squares and rectangles - all the shapes we cut out for windows & doors etc last week! Then we experimented with paint-water mixes in a soaked sponge, to use as a dabber thingy - squeeze a letter into it to get 'colour', then stamp the letter onto the walls of the house - alphabet graffiti!

It also seemed a very good idea to autograph our constructions with palm prints; very messy but a must!

We welcomed a newcomer to the fish tank, won at a festival mid-week, and realised the caterpillar has 'gone' from the beans...metamorphosed or been eaten? One of our runner beans has a sprout over 9 feet high and heading for the flat above school - our very own beanstalk situation. Eyes peeled for a giant!

A river inspection after all the rain - the sun is out today:
  • We can't see any rocks - there's too much water!
  • We can't see any ducks - the water is too fast!
  • We can't see any fish - the water's too muddy!
  • We can't see a troll - the grass is too high!
We did see a lot of beautiful, big, black dragonflies though - never seen them before. Gorgeous! 

Bob the Builder's puzzle was tricky - three puzzles in one so co-operation essential, and a bit of thought after lunch. Have a good weekend everybody - pre-school is out for a long weekend :)
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