Friday, 16 July 2010

Teenagers, how do you have fun?

Dear Brad,

I'm fine thank you. And you? I have been in Japan since third grade.

My sister makes me laugh because she is crazy. My friends make me laugh all the time because they are funny. Some movies make me laugh if they are fun.

I enjoy reading books because I could do it alone. I enjoy playing outside with my friends because we can do lots of sports and games.

I read English books for thirty minutes every night. I've read more than twenty of them since I was born. I play with my friends twice a week. I've done this since kindergarten.

I think having fun is really important because I can enjoy myself, share a good time with my friends. I also like going to school. I can meet a lot of friends and learn lots of things there. I also enjoy shopping - I like to buy groceries, clothes and especially pens.

From Ha-chan (I'm not a teen yet!)

writing task from unit 7, English in Mind 2 (CUP)

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