Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Rain, rain, go away!

Our "Hows the weather?" song today was a bit redundant: answer "It's really raining, raining, raining!" We found a monster caterpillar munching the leaves on one of our plants - it's huge! We could see his mouth moving and legs pumping as he changed branches. What is it going to be? And what colour....?

Last month I posted about the dangers of papier mache (and the fun bits) and you will have seen the final results of our mask making? Next on the list of "This is going to be messy" is large scale painting. I decided against a tarp on the floor and full body splattering! We still needed full body-armour, in the guise of waterproof smocks, to prevent accidental coverage - Hina still managed to paint her whole calf red without anyone noticing...

Our rainy day mission was to build a couple of houses, complete with windows and doors, out of some of the junk we've collected lately - we've a kitchen-full of cardboard boxes and so on. Little fingers beware cutters, but we decided together where windows would go, and what shapes we wanted - very important to keep the shapes and use them for decoration later. This is the rainy day we save for!

Gluing bits on is tough if the cardboard is shiny, like Jim's wine casks, as is painting them. Tear the top layer off if you can. There are no building codes on colours, so experiment time with mixers - careful everything doesn't end up shades of brown!

While we waited for things to set or dry out, we made special dice for "What's the time, Mr. Wolf?" which is really our favourite game at the moment....everyone wants to be Mr. Wolf!

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