Monday, 2 November 2009

Billy Elliot

I enjoyed this book and story. But storyline is a little speedy, so I didn't understand some points of story...
Anyway, my answer for "Writing" is below.

Writing 33
You are a teacher at the Royal Ballet School and you are at Billy's audition. Write a list of ten questions for him.
1. Who did teach you ballet?
2. What sports are you doing except ballet?
3. Why do you like dancing ballet?
4. Which is your best moving at dancing?
5. What kind of dancer do you want to be?
6. Why did you start learning ballet?
7. Why did you determine to take this audition?
8. Who does back up you?
9. Which ballet dancer do you want to be like?
10. Could you tell me your enthusiasm about the ballet?

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