Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Eye of the Tiger

The Eye of the Tiger is a name of the big diamond which put into the hole in the golden tiger’s head, The Tiger Throne. This is a kind of suspense story, but it seems the author wanted to include a love story. Unimaginable ending was interesting for me, and I want to know the rest of the story about Harry and woman who called Miss Sherry North.

Chapter 16:
Q1: Harry told Sherry his plan. What was his plan?
A1: Run away to Zurich and live together at there
Q2: On the way to the airport, Sherry tried to tell Harry something. What do you think she wanted to tell him.
A2: I think she wanted to tell him about her real identity.
Q3: What arrangements did Harry make at the airport at Zurich?
A3: He made an appointment to meet Sherry.
Q4: Who did Harry see walking behind Sherry?
A4: Policemen
Q5: How did Harry manage to speak to Sherry alone?
A5: He called up her at the phone-booth by asking the girl at the information desk.
Q6: What had happened to the real Sherry North?
A6: She was killed by Manny Resnick.
Q7: Where was the Tiger Throne?
A7: It was at President St Mary.
Q8: Harry gave the woman a choice. What was the choice?
A8: Whether she live together with Harry at Turtle Bay or not.
Q9: What was the deal Harry had made with the President?
A9: He gave the Tiger Throne the President, and the President promised his safe.
Q10: What had Harry kept hidden in Turtle Bay?
A10: He had the gold plates hidden in Turtle Bay.
Q11: What would be the first question that Harry would ask the woman when he met her at St Mary’s airport?
A11: Could you tell me your real name, please?


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Masao Kuroda said...

Dear Koa-san,

I also wanted to know the rest of the story. I hope Harry and the woman who is called Sherry will be happy. I believe the woman will come back to St. Mary. Do you know whether this story is from any movie or not? If this comes from a movie, I want to see it.

Best Regards,
Masao Kuroda