Friday, 20 November 2009

Very Cute ET

I can see a big Teddy Bear.
It's coming over there.
Oh! UFO is on the White House.
Obama came out.
He is wearing pajama.
A Teddy Bear pajama.
An ET came out!
Huh?ET is.....SHEEPS!!!
Sheep could speak English!?
But they are speaking with Obama!
I will interview him.
Hey sheep!
ET"I'm not a sheep"
Then what?
ET"I'm a Mery"
I mean what kind of animal.
What the.......
Um...Where are you from?
ET"I'm from planet Kapi"
Where is Kapi?
ET"I can't tell you.And I'm very hungry."
Please come to my home!
ET"Thank you. We are three."
OK!You will eat very delicious supper!