Sunday, 15 November 2009

Star Trek movie night

Wow! Well, I must admit that I never expected this film to be so good. I also didn't realize that it was the 40th year of Star Trek anniversary remake of the original 1963 film. The Star Trek fans amongst us (namely Jim) were impressed with the casting as well as the script. The story itself was action packed, full of nail-biting moments and emotional drama. Wonderful stuff! Stuff which had us crawling up the back of our chairs at times and stuff which had us want to hide underneath them!

Thanks to all of you who came dressed up. Your costumes were wonderful!!!! We had Big Ears, a Big Nose, and some visitors from The Desert (not dessert - although the dessert was wonderful too - Home Made?? hahahahahahaha, not to mention the yummy pasta and party snacks!)

Live long and Prosper!
In other words....... Good Luck!