Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Proofreading - why I should have stayed awake in class

I have just finished proof-reading a document for this Conference (next June) which has had me scratching my head for several days. I was hopeless at physics and my maths is almost as bad.

I think I am allowed to say that the topic was Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors...I don't think I have ever been more baffled since my science teachers tried to teach left-hand and right-hand rules for magneticism or current or whatever it is.

I used to think proof-reading medical papers was tough (it is), but at least I can pretty much figure out the anatomy with the Latin I can remember. The pictures are usually gory but I know what they are supposed to be - never keen on the blood though, and lung cancer is pretty depressing...

Electrical wiring diagrams, phi over three, Greek letters and equations three lines long? Oh my head Hertz :)

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