Friday, 6 November 2009

Trains, vowels and a picnic in November

Hijiri joined us in pre-school on Tuesday - he's been away for a while and was really sweet to see the girls literally take his hand and guide him back into the swing of things; it didn't take him long to get totally immersed in things and 'forget' about mummy! (He was going to come today, too, but mummy got a cold & best stay away from school).

As we know he into his trains, we showed him our train set and he helped us cobble it together - trains crashing into each other, bridges and tunnels in no time at all. Carnage!

We showed him a couple of our favourite songs and games, and he particularly liked the physical aspects of the Hokey Kokey and our vowel race, as you can see.

The weather today was so nice we just couldn't bear to stay inside; we took a blanket and had a picnic lunch on the riverbank outside Luna. The girls enquired about Trolls, but we couldn't see any :) It was a great change of scenery for us, with butterflies and ants to watch. There was a plane circling around, and a troop of kindy kids paraded past us too.

Lovely funshine and healthy appetites, all made us a bit sleepy in the afternoon. We know how Goldilocks felt when she gate-crashed the three bears' house - we watched her on DVD and started to remember the songs! Creative & problem solving puzzles are in high demand, no less so today. A new 60 piece one posed no real challenge, apart from size - took up the whole table!

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