Friday, 6 November 2009

The Perfect Storm

This book was very interesting for me. This story is nonfiction and some people such as the crew members on the Andrea Gail, on a boat named Satori, and a lot of rescuers really fiercely fought against the perfect storm.
The most exciting scene was chapter 8 and 9. I’ve finished reading these chapters quickly. All members except Ray on the boat named Satori did their best to survive, but the violent storm discouraged against their efforts. For example, first, the rescuers tried to rescue the crew members by dropping a raft into the water, but due to the big waves, they couldn’t because the boat made a big hole in the raft. Then they changed their plan. I don’t want to disturb someone’s interesting for reading this book, I’ll stop to explain the continuation.
Before reading this book, I didn’t know the meaning of the title “The Perfect Storm”. The perfect storm means that three powerful weather systems hit each other like a huge bomb exploding out at sea. In other words, the perfect storm means a very very awful dangerous strom. The perfect storm consists of three powerfull weather systems which are a front of cold air moving south from Canada, the line of clear dry air moving east from the Great Lakes and Harricane Grace moving north up the US coast. From this, I wonder we can use the word “perfect” for something. For example, can we say “The perfect food”? Maybe this has not only bad smell, dirty looking, but also awful taste, further more, dangerous to health....... :-)
Masao Kuroda