Thursday, 12 November 2009

Rendezvous with Rama

This is a science fiction story written by Arther C. Clarke. Arther is so famous author who wrote "2001: A Space Odyssey".
In the year 2131, an object was discovered beyond the orbit of the planet Jupiter. It was a 40 kilometres wide...

To tell the truth, I was bored with this story. This is a science fiction
story. I expected this is a science fiction and an adventure story, but this wasn't. So I wasn't excited but felt sleepy...zzz... and I couldn't read this quickly...

Perhaps I could enjoy this with better ability of English reading. I have to study more!

Points for understanding
2-1 Why has Commander Norton decided to land Endeavour at the center of Rama's north end? Give two reasons.
Because speed of rotation of there was slower than the edge, and there was a big enough area to land.
2-2 Norton is worried about the landing place that he has chosen. Why?
There was a circular groove, and he guessed that this circle was the door of some kind of airlock. His ship would be damaged if something inside Rama tried to use this airlock.

2-3 'Do Ramans have hands like us?' Karl Mercer asks. Why does he ask this question?
Because there were ladders inside or Rama which need grab with hands.
2-4 'Perhaps Rama is a tomb,' Norton thinks. Why does he think this?
Because there were no living things.

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