Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Warsaw - postcard from Teruki

Hello everyone,

I'm in Poland. At first, I visited Waszawa. The city was destroyed by German army during the 2nd World War. However the people rebuild complietlly. Now we can see the city as it used to be. That's amazing! I'm going to Auschwitz tomorrow. I am able to know and think about saddness & fear by the war in this country.

Forgive me the miss-spelling.



jim said...

The back of the postcard reads:
"Warsaw -Old Town Square in Christmas time. The Old Town was almost 90% destroyed during WW2. During the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 it became a centre of resistance. Its reconstruction lasted from 1949 to 1963"

jim said...


Looking forward to your return - especially if you can tell us something about Auschwitz, please?