Friday, 20 November 2009

Halloween Alien Story

Today is Halloween. At school today's topic was of course Halloween.
"Why don't we go to "trick or treat" together? I asked my friends.
"Can I go with you?" my next desk friend asked me.
"sure" I said .
"Yesterday I made a new friend. Can I go with him?"
"OK" I answered again.

School finished and everyone ran to there own house. When I got to my house I quickly did my homework. When the homework finished I tried to where my witch dress that my mom made it for me. It fitted me! I was very happy.

And when it be came 6o'clock I went to my friends houses. And now all of my members are here. "Then lets go!"I said.

On the way to trick or treat I asked my new friend "What's your name?"
"My name is ET"
"Can I see your face?"
"Later please"
I thought, "What is ET?" while we were speaking.

We got to my teacher's house. We knocked on the door and the teacher came out and said "Trick or treat?" Then our teacher gave some candies. "Thank you!" we said to our teacher.

"Now can I see your face?"
"OK" he said.
And I saw it. He was a alien! Then I asked ET "Are you a alien?"