Saturday, 7 November 2009

Silver Blaze and Other Stories

This book is made up of stories that Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson help the police with the strange cases. There are three stories in this book, Silver Blaze is the most interesting.

I predicted stories as follows before I read book at class. Someone will bet one horse at horserace, but He can't win. Then Someone had killed, so It's relation to a horserace.

I read a story actually, I was interesting and be supried. Silver Blaze is horse name and racehorse. This horse's trainer had been murdered. His name is John Straker. The mystery of muder has a unexpected answer. Sherlock Holmes inverstigated and slove with Dr Watson.
I am telling a bit answer, John Straker was thinking a trick and had been killed.

In reality, The murderer is Silver Blaze. Whoa!