Friday, 6 November 2009


Writing 36: Look at the picture of Miss Honey's house on page 29. Write a description of it.

It is a small and pretty house in the forest. It looks like the house where fairy in forest lives in. It is made by wood. The wall are painted cream color. There are two windows. There is a door which is painted blue color. The roof is made by wooden board. It has a small chimney. It is made by stone of nature, not brick. The house is surrounded big and tall trees. There are many kind of flowers (which are red, yellow, white, pink,etc) around the house. The house looks old, but it makes me relaxation. I love this pretty house.

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jim said...

I read the same book last month.
Which part did you like best?
(I liked the bit when Matilda used her eyes to lift the bottle and do some writing on the board).