Monday, 2 November 2009

Dr No, Ian Fleming

Dr No, it's one of the 007 James Bond's story, so it isn't difficult to follow the thread of a story. In the story there is the word "guano". I don't know about guano. In the story the guano is explained that it's the bird's droppings, full of chemicals, used as fertilizers and it's one of the most valuable product in the world. At first I can't imagine it. At the end of the story Dr No was killed by Bond. He was under a pile of guano. After reading I make researches about guano on the Web, and then I understand. The guano is a kind of fossils, stones.

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jim said...

Hi Shuji,

I disagree about guano! It's bacisally ammonium nitrate - the bye-product of bird eating a lot of fish and then having a poo in the same place for years and years. It is bird shit! Would you believe there was a war over guano once? Do some research and tell me which two countries were involved?