Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Darling Buds of May

Before I read this story,I imaged this was the story which a visiter from tax office caused some troubles to this big family according to back discription.

It was wrong.

Although the man "Charlton" from tax office visited this big family to fill on tax form ,he fell in love with beautiful eldest daughter "Mariette" at first sight and big husband "Pop" and wife "Ma" led him their attractive country life.

Through some event in the beautiful country, he decided to quit the tax office and marry her.

By the way,In this story,I wondered about Pop's character and the relationship with his wife Ma.

Because he loved deeply Ma but he often met some sweethearts and Ma knew it and didn't appear to mind .

I didn't know if his character could fit this story or gave me depth on this story.

So I was interested in this story, I searched on Wikipedia about it.

I found it was a beginning part of long story.

How does this family become and I came to want to read continuation.