Monday, 20 July 2009

Beer in the garden

Wow, that was fun!!!!!! Let's do it again soon!!

A big thank you to Naomi for making it all happen, and a high five to all who attended and made it such an enjoyable evening.

And who are all those pretty girls wearing yukatas??


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jim said...

I had a brilliant night out, thanks especially to Naomi and Tana.

New beer garden - can't say that too often can you? And a 'mama' who insisted we drink faster - excellent!

We had a Moldovan brain surgeon explain the Glasgow Scale for brain injuries (a contradiction Michael said, expertly) with support from Japanese and Indonesian colleagues!

Disco Paul tried to explain away ManBoobs as power tools; Ineko wailed like a banshee without any clear explanation at all; Yuho managed all the drunks expertly later :)

Pictures on flickr and Jim's Facebook