Thursday, 30 July 2009

Princess Diana

Q28: Should people always marry for "Love"?

I think this might be one of Life’s difficult issues.

When I was reading "Princess Diana", I unexpectedly watched the
film "The Other Boleyn Girl". This film is about The British Royal
marriage of convenience. Diana's story is not the same as
Boleyn's , but I could not avoid imagining some similarities between
them.Diana's family is more prosperous than Marry Boleyn’s family. Diana, her sister Sarah, and Marry Boleyn,
Anne Boleyn, and also Camilla, the mother of Camilla's grandmother -
they all, it seems, were repeating their families' stories.

By the way, what is "Love"?

Diana married for love and Prince Charles tried to do his
best. In marriage life "Love" might be going to change to Trust,
Effort, Tolerance, Patience, or something else.
Of course people should marry for "Love". I can only say people should
live their lives with strong will, but people sometimes ought to
stop and be more considerate of others too.

Yoko Niwamoto

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jim said...


Thank you for sharing your impressions about the Other Boleyn Girl & Diana. I haven't seen that film yet but would like to.

What has become of the popular Princess in Japan (I can't even remember her name now)? She was supposed to be a breath of fresh air but seems to have been smothered by duty etc...

Well done - which book are you reading next?