Thursday, 30 July 2009

A typical school day

I get up at 6.20 and get dressed for school.
I leave my home at 6.05 and I school at 6.20.
our classes is begin at 8.15.
We have a usually 6classes of 1day, and we have 10minutes break after classes.
After No.2 classes we have a big break it has 15minutes.
We have lunch at school. We eat usually rice and soup and some salad and milk.
Our classes finished at 4.15. sometimes at 3.15.
I go to chorus club 4 a week. some times we go on Wednesday.


1 comment:

jim said...

Why do you have to be at school for two hours before classes start? Why don't you stay in bed and get a full seven hours sleep?

Lunch doesn't sound like it gives you much energy/brain food? Aren't you sleepy in the afternoons?