Friday, 24 July 2009

Friends come to Pre-School

Today in Pre-School we had a lot of fun as usual - we did all our regular things and more. Our little friends Meu-chan and Yu-chan came to see all the fun we were having!

Hina and Eleanor showed their new playmates all the plants we have growing on the balcony, and how we have to water them. The tomatoes are growing really quickly, but there's only one sunflower left - Eleanor decapitated all the others : (

Yu was a little worried without her mummy, but when she stayed we taught her some of our songs - we really like "Walking walking" and the "I see something blue" - we chase around the big room looking for the colours to show Jim and Naomi. Today we also danced to the shipwreck song - a very busy song which made us tired!

Last week Hina slipped when she was brushing her teeth, so today we tried hard to all sit down when we were doing that. It kind of worked, but all our girls are at the "I can do it myself" age! Eleanor was a gannet as ever for lunch, taking bites out of every one's food and not touching her own - she stands next to Naomi with her mouth open. Our two visitors were very well behaved and didn't make a mess.

And in a flash mummies came back to pick them up; clean nappies on and all worn out, ready for an afternoon snooze I think!

We had a few teething problems with technology though - we wanted to webcast the class for mums to watch in another room (not 'get in the way') kind of worked. We look forward to having more friends come and join us and make even more noise ;)