Thursday, 30 July 2009

Time to say "Goodbye"

Last night was Haruka's last class at Luna. Very sad for us, because she was with us from the very beginning of the school and we have been privileged to see her grow up from cheeky toddler to beautiful young woman. Of course we wish her all the very best of luck for her future studies, especially right now as she is concentrating on those horrid entrance exams...

So now all three of the darlings have flown the coop - Yumeka, Sayaka and Haruka. Feel like their dad in many ways, with lots of fab memories of the fun we have had and the smiles they gave us. Looking forward to seeing them come back all grown up (as Sayaka has done this week from her Canadian homestay) etc.

Exit stage left. Tears, hankies, applause.