Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Huckleberry Finn

I enjoyed this book very much.
This story was short and it made easy reading for me. I haven't read the Mark Twain's book and I didn't know Huckleberry and Tom Sawyer. Now I know there are many books about Huckleberry Finn and they are series books.
I want read other book about Huckleberry soon.

After reading No.5.
1.Jim didn’t tell Huck that who was the dead man.
2. Huck told the woman in the little house that he was Sarah Williams.
3. The Duke told Huck and Jim that he was really duck.
4. The King told Huck and Jim that he was really the first son of the King of France.
5. Huck didn’t tell Jim that they fought about some money.
6. Huck told the Duck and the King that Jim belonged to his uncle.
7. Huck told the people in the big old house that he was Rom Sawyer.
8. Huck didn’t tell Mrs. Phelps that he wasn’t Tom Sawyer.
9. Tom didn’t tell Huck that he was a lie.

I recommend you this book.