Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Space Invader

I was looking forward to reading this book, because I was really into a video game, Space invaders, when I was in high school. I played this game more than three hours par day and every day. Have you also played the space invaders?

This book has glossary in the back of the book, and it was helpful for me to understanding the story. As a result, I have easily finished reading this book.

After reading, I found that the title of this book, The Space Invaders, is not suitable to this book. I have thought what the author wants to say to readers through this book, that is to say, it’s only human to kill each other for their greed. For these reasons, if I give a title, Foolish and Greedy Creature.

I remember watching a film like this story a long time ago, but another situation, maybe in Western or gangster films. Please let me know if you had known the title.

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