Thursday, 30 July 2009

Cinderella Man

I was really interested in this story, so I watched the movie, too. I recommed you this book if you haven't read it.

Writing 43. Imagine that you are Mae many years after the big fight. Tell Jim’s story to one of your grandchildren in a letter.

Dear my grandchildren,

The other day, when I cleaned up my room, by chance I found a picture that my dear Jim, your grandfather had became a heavy weight champion of the world. The picture remained me of his big fight to be a heavyweight champion. To tell you the truth, at first I didn’t like to support him at the fight, but I went to the family church to pray to God, I found crowd who all prayed that Jim win. Then I realized that Jim was fighting for not only our family but also people who wanted to win their hard life. Then I went to Jim and I said to him that I would support him anytime. First I couldn’t hear the fight on the radio because I was really afraid that Jim might got injured or if the worst thing happened, he might be killed, because the opponent Max Baer was so strong that he had killed two boxers, but after round twelfth, I started listening with our children, your parents. But Jim was stronger than Max Baer. He was really strong. Even if he got big punch from the opponent, he never fell down and he gave his punch to the opponent. The result was, as you know, he won. All of the judges agreed Jim won. I was crying with happy and he was safe after the dangerous fight. Our sons and daughter, uncle Jay and Howard and Rosy celebrated and looked very proudly. Of course, you can be proud of yourself, because your blood is included in your grandfather Jim who were a heavyweight champion of the world.
Finally, I want to tell you the important thing. Jim was really strong, but he was not only strong. He was very gentle for our family , for all of people. When we were so poor that we didn’t get enough food, if Rosy wanted to eat something, Jim was happy to give his food to Rosy. I really proud more that Jim is so gentle than he is so strong. Please remember Jim’s way of life, be strong be gentle.

Anyway, this letter became longer than usual, because I wrote about Jim’s story. If you want to hear about the detail story, I’ll introduce best person for you, Jim’s manager Joe. After all , take care and beat the rainy season, bye-bye.
Best Regards,
Mae Braddock.
Masao Kuroda

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