Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Jungfraujoch - postcard from Miyako

Hello! All!

Now I stay in Grindelwald. This village is situated at the foot of Mt. Eiger (3,470m). Today, we went to Jungfraujoch. It was so fantastic view!!! We could see Mt. Jungfrau, Mt.Monch, Mt. Eiger, glacier and the Alps mountains. And we went hiking (about 2 hours). I got a little bit tired, but it was really fun :)

See you - Miyako

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jim said...


I am very jealous as this is the second postcard I have had from this obviously beautiful place.

I have read many stories of the Eiger in particular, and would love to see it...

Please show us your pictures and share the chocolates when you get back?