Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Woman Who Disappeared
Philip Prowse

This story is about a private detective "Lenny Samuel". He is a wise and clever guy but little bit silly.
One day, a beautiful lady came to his office and asked him to search her sister. She said she and her sister are twins. Lenny asked her that she asked the police or not, but she said that she didn't want to let the police know about this.
She is doubtful...she has a secret???

1, What was Benny Greep's job at Las Cabanas?
He was a drummer of the band.
2, How did he know Elaine Gerfield?
Because Elaine and her friend went to Las Cabanas for dancing a lot.
3, What did Susie Graham think of Benny Greep?
She thought about Benny Greep wasn't good at all.
4, How was Benny Greep killed?
He had been shot in the chest and pushed into the bath.
5, How did Lenny know that the dead man in the bath was Benny Greep?
He found the dead man's driving licence from the dead man's coat.
6, Who did Lenny phone after he found Benny Greep's body?
He called for the police.
7, Where did the policeman take Lenny?
Policeman took Lenny to police station.
8, Who followed Lenny when he drove back to his office?
The yellow small car.
9, What was waiting for Lenny in his office?
A letter from Helen Garfiled.
10, Who did Lenny want to see before he went to Los Cabanas?
Helen Garfield.

I think this story is interesting, but I don't like this hero "Lenny", 'cos he is silly guy, but funny guy, I think.